Top Trending Hair Colour of 2021- Mushroom Blonde

    Top Trending Hair Colour of 2021- Mushroom Blonde

    Another Year, another new shade of hair colour. Fortunately for us, this time it’s mushroom blonde hair; a low maintenance-high impact colour that suitable for Singapore's hot and humid climate.

    It’s called mushroom blonde for a purpose – the ashy colour challenges the classic blonde glow and substitutes it with a charcoal blonde smoulder. Similarly to our mushroom friend, it’s multi-tonal. Highlights of light blonde blend with ashy grey to create a fresh new take on the blonde.

    If you like going against the sea of baby blonde we will see this year, now is the ideal time to go against the grain and try out mushroom blonde.

    Not very blonde, not really brown, mushroom is the excellent in between colour. Blondes that want to go deeper or brunettes resembling to lighten up, you got the ideal colour!

    Without the strong bleaching that we have to be when going traditionally blonde, mushroom blonde is more sensitive to your hair and easier to maintain.


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